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Colorcube Graphics Limited (CCG) is a graphic studio operated from different countries and provide its services from Dhaka, Bangladesh. CCG aims to ensure every aspect of your experience with us is enjoyable. Our goal is to always deliver effective and professional results, without compromising on creativity and vision. We work hard to exceed your expectations.

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Services Provided by Color Cube

Clipping Path and Multi Path

A Clipping Path, or deep etch of a two-dimensional image is simply known as the extraction of the said image object or product from its background. In Photoshop image editing, this is achieved by containing only the image object(s), either simple or complex inside the boundaries of the path and omitting everything else that is outside the path.

Color Correction

The process of photo color correction is known to be at the very heart and soul of professional image editing. It is usually appreciated that when a photo is seen full of appropriately adjusted and fine-tuned colors, it provides a sense of warmth and joy to the viewers. The opposite of this can render a photo full of dull, mismatched colors that can leave the viewers unsatisfied. For our color correction services, we aim to provide you that sense of warmth and satisfaction from your photos by promising you the service of correcting all yours images with the best deserved quality within a very reasonable price. We guarantee you that your photos will stand out in the market by our complete and meticulous color correction service.

Neck joint Ghost Mannequin

Garments product line or clothing is one of the most popular sold products through online markets whether it is by individual sellers or industry. The most important aspect of e-commerce marketing is the showcasing of all online products with a direct aim of making them look more appealing or attractive. In case of selling garments products online, one type of very useful service that is required by most selling customers is neck joint service, or more commonly known as Photoshop ghost mannequin service. It is a very effective method of manipulating the product image in order to be looking more direct, enhanced, new, interesting, inspiring and appealing.


Image masking is a very basic image processing procedure which involves removing or stripping the background of an image for the purpose of extracting or detaching the object out from the image. This process enables us to modify the background of an image or completely remove backgrounds which include blurry portions or thin hair strand like edges. The result is the object of an image standing out with total clarity to the viewer or customer. Achieving such a result is of total importance for maximizing advertisement and publicity of your service to the customers.

Background Removal

Photo background removal is a very important part among all image editing services. It involves the removal of the background of an image without affecting the original status or face value of the photo. It is often required to swap or change the background of a photo where the background is very much undesirable or that it fails to represent the real meaning of the whole image, rendering it useless. The background may also include many unwanted objects which need to be excluded in order to express the true meaning of the image. Any kind of change to the image background can bring about a huge difference to the image in terms of value and meaning to the customers. It can also heighten the level of representation value of a brand or model.

Shadow Creation Image Shadowing

When an image is captured by the use of a camera by photographer, there is no guarantee of obtaining a perfect or if any shadow defining the image compared to the object in real. The resulting shadow of a photo may either be unclear, obscured or totally non-existent. When images are used for brand representation and advertisements, adding natural looking shadows to the images give them a more attractive and fresh look. Our image drop shadow service has the genuine aim to give you just that extra touch or perfect shadow additions to any of your images.

Retouching Jewellery Retouching High End Retouching Model Retouching Headshot Photo Retouching

Photo retouching is the process or technique used popularly in day-to-day image editing where several retouches or manipulations are made in order to remove all imperfections or flaws and make the image ready for final presentation in various applications. These so-called manipulations may involve a task as simple as removing face marks or pimples from a model’s face image or improving the complexion of an image, to even more complex fixes like changing the subject of an image, merging several subjects together or changing appearances completely according to client needs.

Ecommerce Product Photo Retouching 

E-commerce is the ideal solution when it comes to selling products online for online shops and businesses. It is a very reliable system that is backed up by huge network portals online which provides a common source for many businessmen to present and work their businesses. In e-commerce, every product that is put up for sale in businesses needs to gain the maximum attraction of the respective customers who are willing to buy the product. E-commerce product photo editing ensures that every online business can be guaranteed a maximum sale potential. Hence product photo editing plays such a very important role when it comes to selling e-commerce products online. This enables businesses to attract more potential customers for their products and thus maximize user traffic for their respective website. Our e-commerce image solution service can provide you the best possible solution for maximizing your online business sales and profit by promising you the most effective product photo editing with the best quality possible.

Glamour Enhancement

For both apparel designers and photographers, one’s pictures make the first and last impression upon the fashion world. It may seem obvious, but when advertising clothing and jewellery it is essential to removal all blemishes, marks, and wrinkles; otherwise, one could lose a lot of potential business! Although photography and image editing services tend to go hand-in-hand, not everyone has the time or expertise to retouch their pictures.


Do you want to slice your photo into the perfect size? Or want to resize your crooked images side by side, straighten them and place images in the desired surface or background with some adornment? Have you ever been stuck by chunk images to be cropped or resized and use them for your business portfolio?

Cropping refers to the removal of the outer parts of an image to improve framing, accentuate subject matter or change aspect ratio. Depending on the application, this may be performed on a physical photograph, artwork or film footage, or achieved digitally using Adobe Photoshop.